1A Contractors- Make your House a Home

If you are searching for the best contractors Long Island has to offer look no further than 1A contracting! Whether for home or business the as the prime contractors on Long Island we specialize in all contracting endeavors. From renovating a kitchen to  remodeling an entire house 1A contracting has a team of professionals can execute any exterior or interior job whether the client is residential or commercial.

Here at 1A contracting we offer any and all services that have to do with home improvement. 1A is a not just any Long Island contractor. We are a full service for Long Island home improvement that can accommodate all of your needs.

If you’re looking for a Long Island contractor you need look no further, our team of professionals knows the building codes of the area and always come equipped with the necessary building permits. Any customer in the Long Island area who’s looking to start a project that requires the best Long Island contractors or Long Island home improvement company should get in touch with us today!


606 Walnut Street

Long Beach, NY

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long beach, atlantic beach, rockville centre, oceanside


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