Long Island Houses on the Rise

Houses on Long Island, NY are going up!

1A Contracting logo

Homes on Long Island’s South Shore are increasingly vulnerable to flooding as our environment changes.

You will want to contact a Long Island Contractor with experience in House Lifting or House Raising. 1A Contracting is just that company.


1A Contracting is a NY Rising contractor that will get the job done for anyone wishing to raise their storm damaged home on Long Island in NY.  

1A Contracting specializes in raising houses, lifting homes and getting people back to their homes & neighborhoods without being worried about another hurricane.

Based in Long Beach, NY and having seen the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy in Oct. of 2012, 1A Contracting is dedicated to assisting local homeowners with repairs and renovations that will protect homes and families going forward.

Thankfully, many more people are receiving the funds they need to raise their homes allowing them to move past a very devastating time in their lives.

Contact 1AContracting.com today at 516-280-5390 to talk to a local contractor who has had experience in raising houses and dealing with all local authorities, building departments, zoning boards and also lived through Hurricane Sandy as well.


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